Welcome to Holistic Life Therapies for Norwich & Norfolk    Just to say that I am now seeing clients face to face. I can also offer you a Zoom session or a distant healing session if that suits you better. Please contact me to arrange a time. 

One to One Session 1 Hour £35 

Choose Original Usui Reiki, Angelic Reiki or Reiki Drum on Zoom 
Any of these sessions will assist you in removing blocks, relaxing and help you in your personal and spiritual growth. 

Spiritual Refresh session 1 hour £45 

Using Zoom, I help you to raise your vibration, I guide you through visualisation and meditation into a better place spiritually and energetically. Can include some distant healing if required and I will post you a Journeying CD to listen to at home. 
Some feedback about a Spiritual Refresh Session: 
"I feel refreshed, quite energised and relaxed. All at the same time. Refresh is definitely a great name for it. Thank you". J.F. 

45 Min Zoom Personal Meditation and Healing Session £35 

I arrange to meet you on Zoom for a personal meditation and distant healing session. 

Distant Healing Session 25 min £15 

At a prearranged time, I focus on you and send healing energy to you. In order to do this I will need some details from you, so please contact me
I offer you various therapies and techniques which I have learned because they helped me with my issues. 
They can help you as well: to move forward in your life, to grow, to let go of the past, of pain and self judgement, and much more. 
I understand what it is like to lose loved ones, to lose the self in motherhood and in relationships. Those are just some of the issues that cause us so much pain. When we resist change, it causes us pain. 
I have found that the physical dis - comfort and dis - ease people present with, is often caused by emotions which are trapped inside and need to be heard. I’m a good listener. Then I can help you to go beyond where you have been stuck. 
Picture courtesy of Becca Johnson 

Reiki Training Courses I Offer in Hardingham near Hingham NR9 4EP   For treatments click here:  One to One Reiki Treatments 

 Norwich Reiki & Training Learn Reiki 

Reiki 1 teaches you to heal yourself. The class consists of four attunements, meditations, healing practice, a manual to keep and full support afterwards. By the end of the day you'll be able to feel Reiki energy in your hands and give Reiki energy to yourself, your family, friends and pets. Most importantly, Reiki 1 is about healing yourself and is a powerful tool for growth and change. See Events page for dates.  
Student feedback: 
"Through Reiki I have found a way to live my life mindfully and peacefully. It has allowed me to grow spiritually and take responsibility for my own healing. Reiki is a journey that everyone should take. Thank you Heather for all your guidance and friendship" Hannah 
"After the 15 minute taster, I knew that I needed to learn Reiki. Since my wife and I had our first attunement 4 months ago our lives has changed in so many ways. Thank-you Heather for being a such a wonderful person, teacher and friend. I'm so glad we met you :-)" Keeley 
Reiki 1 Class £100 visit events page for classes 

Reiki 2 Training 

In order to learn Reiki 2 you will have already been attuned to Reiki 1, in person by a Reiki Master Teacher. At Reiki 2 level you will be using the Reiki symbols to focus your intention for your Reiki. Once you have completed some case studies, and invested in insurance, you will be a Reiki Practitioner. See Events page for dates. 
Reiki 2 Class £125 visit events page for classes 

Norwich Reiki Master Training 

If you have already been attuned to Reiki 2 level you may wish to go further on to Reiki Master. This is taught on 2 separate days with an additional assessment afternoon. If you are serious about spreading the wonderful energy of Reiki to more people then please get in touch to discuss cost and what I cover on this course. 

Reiki Refreshers 

If you have been attuned to Reiki at any level but have lost your confidence or just haven't used it in a while, I can offer a refresher course for you. Please contact me to discuss your needs. 
Picture of Angelic wings Reiki Norwich

Learn Angelic Reiki 

This new form of Reiki was passed to Kevin Core from Archangel Metatron from October 2002 to February 2003. The healer is simply a channel, allowing the energy of the Angelic Kingdom to be passed to the client. 
I believe this is the new Reiki for the 21st century. This is life changing, new energy, channelled from ArchAngel Metatron. It is wonderful to learn, to give and to receive. This weekend includes clearing, attunements, meditations, connecting with your own healing angel, giving and receiving healing and a manual to keep. If this sounds like something you would like to bring into your life, then get in touch. 
No previous healing experience is necessary. No case studies required as practise is done during the weekend. 
You will be an Angelic Reiki practitioner by 5pm on the Sunday evening. The Friday evening is for clearing your energy in preparation for the rest of the weekend. You will need to bring a packed lunch for both full days and I will provide hot drinks and light refreshments. 
Angelic Reiki Training Weekend £252 visit events page for classes 

For Reiki Drum training click here 

One to One Reiki Treatments  Gift Vouchers available, just get in touch to order yours 

I discovered Reiki just after I started my spiritual journey. It really did change everything. 
Reiki is a gentle hands-on healing technique that re-energizes the body and mind and leaves you feeling relaxed and at peace. Reiki is wonderful to receive. During a treatment you become very relaxed and this is a key part of healing. Your body can’t heal itself while you are tense due to the stress in your life. 
By relaxing, your body has time to do what it is meant to do – heal itself. As well as feeling relaxed during a treatment, you may also experience great joy or feelings of oneness with the universe, relive childhood memories or suddenly receive guidance or clarity about a situation in your life. You may also ‘see’ things like colours. Some people don’t feel or see anything but this doesn’t mean that the Reiki isn’t working. You don’t have to believe in Reiki in order for it to work. During a treatment you relax fully clothed on a healing bed. 
"Before the Reiki treatment with Heather I felt scattered and depleted. My energy was all over the place. Heather’s gentle approach made me feel relaxed and centred. I felt the energy move about my body but mostly within my crown chakra. The tension eased, the mental chatter dispersed and the uncertainty of myself vanished. Afterwards I felt lighter, re-energised and calm. Thanks Heather" S.C. 
"I had my first experience of Reiki with Heather in 2007. The sessions always leave me with a feeling of calm and tranquility, plus removal or reduction of areas of discomfort or pain." S.F. 
"I had a very short (15min) taster session. I had arrived feeling extremely stressed and left feeling as though I was floating! Truly wonderful - Thank you." 
Book Reiki Session £35 
Angelic Reiki 
This simple yet powerful form of healing can be given while the client sits in a chair or lies on a couch. Angelic Reiki can address issues which are the core of your being, but it is not necessary to have a problem that is in need of healing, you can simply receive this gentle energy for your overall wellbeing. 
A healing can take around 25 minutes with some talking before and afterwards. 
Book Angelic Reiki Session £35 

About Me 

My interest in complementary and alternative therapies began after the deaths of both my parents from cancer, which left me disillusioned with conventional medicine. 
Born in Canada, I moved to the UK in 1985. I live in quiet rural Norfolk with my family. I started learning about healing with Reiki in 2002 and was attuned to Reiki Master in 2003. I went on to complete Spiritual Healer training with Norfolk Healers in 2004. since then I have trained to practitioner level in Emotional Freedom Techniques and Emotrance. 
Heather Johnson Reiki Master Teacher
In May 2014 I became a Reiki Drum Practitioner. I now offer Reiki Drum Sessions in an 18 foot teepee in my garden, as well as Shamanic Drumming and Journeying. 
In May 2015 I became a Reiki Drum Master and teacher, so can pass on this therapy to others. 
In January 2016 I learned Angelic Reiki, and I have since trained to Angelic Reiki Master level.  
I have just discovered the wonders of Atlantean Healing and can now offer this as a treatment. 
Please see the Events page for details of classes and events. 
I also hold a Basic Disclosure issued by Disclosure Scotland. 
Picture of a tent: Reiki Norwich & Norfolk
My teepee looking lovely and new in 2014 
Picture of Reiki Drums and Tent - Norwich, Norfolk.
My teepee with some of the drums we use 
Professional memberships 
Member of The AMT  
Member of AAMET  
Member of Independant Professional Therapists International 
Member of Norfolk Healers Association 
Member of Angelic Reiki Association 
Member of BCMA 
Member of Guild of Energists 

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