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I wanted to talk about being self-conscious and drumming. A few people messaged me to say, what if I have never drummed before? I don't think I will be any good at it… I told them that it’s okay, you can just drum with your eyes closed, nobody is judging you and it becomes a very natural thing. The first sounds we ever heard as an embryo were our mother’s heart beats. It is a very simple and primitive thing, and it is in all our memories. In our genetic past we have been primitive people and we've all drummed. Drumming gathered the community together, raised their vibration. While drumming we lose our conscious minds which can hold us back and make us feel self-conscious and doubt ourselves. The conscious mind tells us we are not good enough, that it is pointless, what are you doing? This is just noise! In fact, when we do drum, we start becoming balanced again, connected with our hearts, with our bodies and the earth. Once you do that you can feel whole again. Please don't be afraid to drum, don't be afraid to come along and try it. If you are coming on your own and feel self-conscious, don't worry we are all like-minded people. We all had to hit the drum for the first time, to make the first drumbeat and join in with people we didn't know. Now we all know each other and relate to each other and some become friends and have a lot in common. Connecting with the earth, the heart and each other is a wonderful thing. I have had people ranging from an 18 month old child to someone 80 years old. This is for everyone. Come along and give it a go, you'll be very welcome and you won’t regret it. 😊 





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