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I use various forms of Energy Healing as well as energy clearing in my work. Everything is energy and each of us can become aware of our own energy. 
I also teach Spiritual Development for the personal growth of each person, depending their strengths and what they need. 
I write Channelled Messages from my spirit guides which help to give comfort and support on your spiritual path. 


(Emotional Freedom Techniques) has its origins in ancient Chinese meridian energy medicine. It works on the body’s energy meridians using only gentle tapping with statements – it’s like acupuncture without the needles. 
If fears, phobias, addictions or other issues are haunting you, EFT may be able to free you from these forever. EFT can be used for any problem, emotional, physical or spiritual, even bereavement. It consists of gentle tapping on meridians with statements to focus on the problem. Once you’ve used EFT you’ll be able to use it on your own anytime. 
Read what clients have said after an EFT treatment: 
You have taught me a technique to self heal myself, the doing, the feeling and the safety net, its always there. I hear your voice, you touched my life in such a positive way, you really have helped me move on. So glad I have met you, one lovely lady. Thank you from the heart. Trina x 
I cannot thank you enough for the help you gave me yesterday. For the first time this morning I actually woke up and thought of the future instead of the past. I haven't done that for too many years. I know I have a way to go and I will keep you in mind if I need help again. Thanks again.  
EFT session £35  

Atlantean Healing  Atlantean Healing is a gentle but powerful form of energy healing. It comes from the lost world of Atlantis, at a time when everyone could see and feel energy and there was peace and wellbeing in all people.  This is a 'hands off' therapy where the healing takes place entirely in your energy field, your Aura and your Chakras. With the help of the Violet Flame, it is even possible to remove the effects of past lives from your aura and this has a positive effect on your present life experience.  Atlantean Healing £35 

Cutting Ties and Cords with Archangel Michael 
We all have ties and cords. Some are healthy to those we love, some are unhealthy, the kind that drain you, hold you back and stop you from growing. Some are to situations, events, event objects and places. Together we discover our ties and cords and with the help of Arch Angel Michael, we can cut them and be free to move on. If you feel you this would help you then get in touch and I can arrange a workshop. 

Spiritual Development 

This class will help you to connect with your inner self, higher self, inner wisdom. Essential for good spiritual, mental and emotional health. We begin by calming the mind, using visualisation, grounding, connecting with the earth and your own energy. Your higher self wants to connect with you, wants to support and encourage you. This is the part of you which knows you best, but you may feel disconnected from. Isn't it time to connect and feel more alive? Be inspired, more peaceful and contented. 
We will use various methods to connect and to find what works for you. When you are ready, we will begin to connect with spirit guides and learn how to receive guidance from them. Please note, this is not a class to teach you to perform on stage, or to give readings to the public. This is about you, and your own spiritual connection. Will benefit those who have difficulty quieting the mind. 
Spiritual Development 6 sessions £45 

Distance Healing 

At a prearranged time, I focus on you and send healing energy to you. In order to do this I will need some details from you, so please contact me. 
25 min session £15  

Energy Clearing 

I can clear unhelpful energies from your aura from a distance. I will need some details from you, so please get in touch.  
£25 for up to 3 clearings 

Channelled Written Message 

I connect with my spirit guides and channel a message for you. The message is always supportive and inspiring.  
£21 including p&p 
Other workshops 
Spiritual Connection Day 
Join us for a day of connection with yourself, the earth, the light, your guides and loved ones in a supportive atmosphere. This is a chance to stay in that energy throughout the day, feeling the unconditional love that comes through your own spiritual connection. If you are resonating with this then get in touch to book your place. Just bring your lunch, refreshments are supplied as well as blankets. You may want to bring a pillow for your comfort. No experience necessary, but you must come with an open mind. 
Guided Meditation Morning 
Join us for a peaceful guided meditation morning. We will first send our roots into Mother Earth and then connect with the light of Source. Then your meditation will take you on a peaceful journey, finding the stillness within. If this is what you need, then please get in touch to book your place. 
How to manage your energy 
Do you struggle with your energy or wish you could take control of it? I will cover some of these topics: What to do at the end of an energetically draining day. How to stop energy vampires from ruining your day. How to feel your own energy. How other people's energy interacts with yours and how that can affect you. How to remind yourself that you are a good person, even after everything goes wrong. The importance of being in the moment. How to retrieve your energy when you give it away or leave it behind. 
Please contact me for more info. 
Please see the Events page for more information. 

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