Diary of Events  

Workshop information 
In-person workshops will now resume. I will put in place some percautions as per guidelines. 
To make your visit more enjoyable: 
I do have some blankets and I offer water, and then hot drinks with biscuits afterwards. If you have any food intolerances, I cannot always cater for that, so please bring a snack for yourself. I always have a milk alternative to put in hot drinks.  
If you find sitting uncomfortable, please bring a cushion. If the group is small it may be possible to lie on the floor. 
There are a few spiritual items for sale, including incense, crystals, and cds. Cash is preferable, but I do have a card machine. 
For those staying for the whole day, please bring a packed lunch as there isn't usually enough time to go shopping or to a cafe in the lunch time. We do have a Co-op in Hingham village, just over 2 miles away, which opens early, so you can purchase lunch before the workshops begin. 
Opening Times: The doors open 15 minutes before the events begin. I take time to prepare the space and myself so if you arrive early please respect this and wait in your car if possible. Please be on time so we can begin the session. If you have any doubts about finding me then please say when you book. Many thanks. 
Dates for workshops and classes can be arranged. Please just ask. Classes will run with a minimum of 2 students. 
To book multiple places for events, please email me to check that places are available, then I can give you instructions to pay, thank you.  
Please note that a lot of time and effort goes into preparing and offering workshops, so please pay in advance to support this work. Thank you. 

Outdoor Events  Monday and Thursday Evenings 7.30pm start  £10 payable in advance only These events will run weather permitting. 

On Monday and Thursday evenings, I have been hosting outdoor meditations, sometimes with a fire, sometimes lying down on ground. We connect to the earth, with fire, with each other. Reconnecting to the human tribe and meditations take you into earth, into light and into higher vibrations. 
Please get in touch for availability as I can have only 5 people as per social distancing rules.  

Online Meditation: Send healing to Mother Earth 

Tuesday Afternoons 1pm no charge 
Join us each week at this time to send healing to the earth and her people to rid us of this virus and spread love to every living thing on this planet. 
This will be a voice only meditation, no video, so you will not be distracted. Any questions, please let me know. 
Heather Johnson is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. 
Topic: Send healing to Mother Earth 
Time: Jul 7, 2020 01:00 PM London 
Every week on Tue, until Aug 18, 2020, 7 occurrence(s) 
Jul 7, 2020 01:00 PM 
Jul 14, 2020 01:00 PM 
Jul 21, 2020 01:00 PM 
Jul 28, 2020 01:00 PM 
Aug 4, 2020 01:00 PM 
Aug 11, 2020 01:00 PM 
Aug 18, 2020 01:00 PM 
Join Zoom Meeting 
Meeting ID: 898 4235 9254 
If you wish to support these online meditations, you can donate through PalPal to info@heatherjohnsonhealing.co.uk using Friends and Family option, or https://paypal.me/heatherholistic?locale.x=en_GB or alternatively, get in touch for my bank details, thank you. :) 

Spiritual Development Wednesday Evenings 

Wednesdays 7.30pm £8.50 drop in 
This class will help you to connect with your inner self, higher self, inner wisdom. Essential for good spiritual, mental and emotional health. We begin by calming the mind, using visualisation, grounding, connecting with the earth and your own energy. Your higher self wants to connect with you, wants to support and encourage you. This is the part of you which knows you best, but you may feel disconnected from. Isn't it time to connect and feel more alive? Be inspired, more peaceful and contented. 
We will use various methods to connect and to find what works for you. When you are ready, we will begin to connect with spirit guides and learn how to receive guidance from them. Please note, this is not a class to teach you to perform on stage, or to give readings to the public. This is about you, and your own spiritual connection. Will benefit those who have difficulty quieting the mind. 
This course of 6 sessions will run weekly. The cost is £45, paid in advance. Drop in cost is £8.50 per session, but please let me know you are coming as space is limited. Please get in touch to discuss whether this is the class for you. 
Postponed until further notice 



Trance Workshop March 

Saturday March 21st 10am £18 
If you are interested in Trance in any way, you will want to join myself and Gill Banks for this workshop. Gill guides anyone who would like this experience into a trance state in a safe environment. You will also see a demonstration of trance and be able to ask questions. Please be aware that you will need to sit quietly for a long period of time while others are in trance state. Cost is £18 including refreshments afterwards. Please get in touch if you have any questions. 
This workshop is not suitable for everyone, so Gill would like to speak with you before you book, so please get in touch with me to arrange, thank you. 

Holistic Reiki Share  

Sunday March 22nd 11am £7 
Anyone who is Reiki trained is welcome. We come together to share guided  
meditatioin and healing. Everyone will have the chance be give and receive  
healing and feedback, as well as ask questions and meet other like minded  
Cost is only £7 including refreshments. Bring a packed lunch if you want to  
stay for a chat afterwards. 

Healing Drum Morning March 

Saturday March 28th 11am £10 
Join me to experience the healing energy of the drum for Mind, Body & Spirit. Allow me to assist you to journey to places which hold special memories and energy. Release old hurts and unhelpful energies. Let yourself go with the beat and the healing energy of the earth which we connect with. You have nothing to lose except what holds you back. Please bring a blanket. Drums supplied, but you are welcome to bring your own. Cost is £10, includes refreshments afterwards. Spaces are limited, so please book early. 

Journey to meet your Dragon Guides 

Saturday March 28th 2pm £15 
Dragons have worked with humanity forever, but they have been given a bad reputation in many legends and recently in films. They are an energy guide just like your animal guides, but some of these are cosmic, from other dimensions and planets. If you would like to meet yours then come along and join us for an interesting afternoon. 
Cost is £15, including use of drums and refreshments afterwards. 

Reiki 1 Class 

Saturday May 2nd 10.30am £100 
Reiki Level 1 is all about what you need to heal yourself. This class consists of meditations, attunements, practical healing, and discussion. By the end of the day you will feel Reiki in your hands and be empowered to use it on yourself, your family and pets. These classes are small, so giving you the opportunity to ask questions and find techniques to help yourself in your current life situation. Cost is £100 includes a manual to keep and refreshments through the day. Please bring a packed lunch and an open mind. A £25 deposit will reserve your place. 

Healing Drum Morning May 

Sunday May 3rd 10.30 £10 
Join me to experience the healing energy of the drum for Mind, Body & Spirit. Allow me to assist you to journey to places which hold special memories and energy. Release old hurts and unhelpful energies. Let yourself go with the beat and the healing energy of the earth which we connect with. You have nothing to lose except what holds you back. Please bring a blanket. Drums supplied, but you are welcome to bring your own. Cost is £10, includes refreshments afterwards. Spaces are limited, so please book early. 

Full Moon Drumming & Journey May 

Thursday May 7th 7.30pm £10 
Join us for Full Moon Drumming, with a difference. 
We drum together to send love and peace to the world. Then I take you on journeys to find help you find your next steps, your inspiration and support from guides, angels and spirit. 
£10 includes use of drums and refreshments afterwards. 

Reiki Drum Pracititioner Training Weekend 

Satuday & Sunday May 9th & 10th 10am - 5pm both days £200 plus drum 
Here is an opportunity to expand your Reiki and add these great techniques to your toolbox. This course includes creating sacred space, preparing yourself, strengthening your light, honouring the seven directions, origins of Reiki Drum, Reiki Drum attunement, journey to 
Find your lost voice, meet healing spirit of drum, journey to meet your power animal, manual to keep, group drumming and learning the techniques: Reiki Drum Basic Technique, Reiki Drum Mental/Emotional Reprogramming Technique and the Reiki Drum Journey technique. Drumming for world peace, giving and receiving treatments. 
Prerequisites: Reiki 2 certificate and an open mind. 
You will also need a drum which I help you to source. 
Cost is £200 plus drum. If you already have a drum, please let me know so we can determine if it is suitable. A £50 deposit secures your place. Please bring a packed lunch. Refreshments provided. 

Angelic Reiki 1&2 Weekend May 

Friday May 15th (7pm start) - Sunday May 17th 5pm £252 
I believe this is the new Reiki for the 21st century. This is life changing, new energy, channelled from ArchAngel Metatron by Kevin Core. It is wonderful to learn, to give and to receive. This weekend includes clearing, attunements, meditations, connecting with your own healing angel, giving and receiving healing and a manual to keep. If this sounds like something you would like to bring into your life, then get in touch. 
No previous healing experience is necessary. No case studies required as practise is done during the weekend. 
The weekend costs £252, and you will be an Angelic Reiki practitioner by 5pm on the Sunday evening. The Friday evening is for clearing your energy in preparation for the rest of the weekend. You will need to bring a packed lunch for both full days and I will provide hot drinks and light refreshments. A £52 deposit will secure your place. Balance of the fee is due 2 weeks before the class. Certification cannot be provided until full payment is made, but you can pay installments until then. 
Please contact me for more information about any of the events listed. Thank you. 
To keep up to date with latest news and events, you can sign up for my Newsletter, please click here 


Can I pay with a debit card? 
Yes, I have a card reader which takes Visa, mastercard, ApplePay and more. 
Can Reiki harm me? 
Reiki can do you no harm. It is simply energy which works with your body to bring about relaxation and to begin a healing process. 
Do I have to undress? 
There is no need to undress. For your comfort you will only be asked to remove shoes, coats and tight belts. You will be covered with a blanket to keep you at a comfortable temperature. 
Will the Practitioner be able to read my mind, and know all my personal secrets? 
The Practitioner is only a channel for the Reiki energy. Sometimes they can receive impressions or information, which will be shared with you if appropriate. They do not read minds. If you divulge any personal information to your Practitioner, they will treat it with total respect and confidentiality at all times. They also do not diagnose illness, but they may suggest that you visit your GP if you are unwell. 
Why do you charge for ‘healing’ if it is freely available in the ‘universe’? 
It is true that the Reiki is free, but the Practitioner has paid for their training, and spent many hours learning and developing themselves to gain experience. They also pay for insurance, heat, light , supplies to clean the room, paper for the bed, etc etc. You are paying for their time and experience as well as the many expenses listed above. If you go for a massage, to the chiropractor or chiropodist you expect to pay, and healing is a service just the same. 
Can I stop taking my medication if I have Reiki or EFT treatments? 
Practitioners will never advise that you discontinue or adjust your medication. Please visit your GP for advice. 
How many treatments are necessary? 
Some clients really benefit from only one treatment, but the majority of clients really need 3-4 visits. Everyone is different. 
I’ve had a Reiki treatment and now I feel terrible. What is wrong with me? 
You will have been advised by the Practitioner to drinks lots of water and listen to your body. If you don’t drink enough you may experience headaches. You may be experiencing what is called a ‘healing crisis’, such as flu like symptoms. That means that your body is trying to rid itself of toxins and needs plenty of water and rest. Contact your Practitioner for advice and they will be happy to talk to you. 
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