Bringing Light and Balance To Your Life 


Reiki Clients 

Thank you for being a such a wonderful person 
After the 15 minute taster, I knew that I needed to learn Reiki. Since my wife and I had our first attunement 4 months ago our lives has changed in so many ways. Thank-you Heather for being a such a wonderful person, teacher and friend. I'm so glad we met you :-) 
Thank you for all your guidance and friendship 
Through Reiki I have found a way to live my life mindfully and peacefully. It has allowed me to grow spiritually and take responsibility for my own healing. Reiki is a journey that everyone should take. Thank you Heather for all your guidance and friendship. 
Left feeling as though I was floating 
I had a very short (15min) taster session. I had arrived feeling extremely stressed and left feeling as though I was floating! Truly wonderful - Thank you. 
Bless you for all your energy that you give others 
Complete Relaxation. I have visited Heather in her lovely relaxing room on many occasions to have a Reiki treatment. One hour of perfect peace. I leave feeling so much better, full of energy to start any job that needs to be done. Bless you Heather for all your energy that you give others. 
Always leave me with a feeling of calm and tranquility 
I had my first experience of Reiki with Heather in 2007. The sessions always leave me with a feeling of calm and tranquility, plus removal or reduction of areas of discomfort or pain. 
Afterwards I felt lighter, re-energised and calm 
Before the Reiki treatment with Heather I felt scattered and depleted. My energy was all over the place. Heather’s gentle approach made me feel relaxed and centred. I felt the energy move about my body but mostly within my crown chakra. The tension eased, the mental chatter dispersed and the uncertainty of myself vanished. Afterwards I felt lighter, re-energised and calm. Thanks Heather 

 Emotrance Clients 

After the treatment I felt more confident 
I approached Heather about this and she suggested I try the Emotrance. I am always open to fresh ideas and I thought I'd give it a go. As she started to work with me I started to feel a difference more or less straight away. She went through things with me mainly trying to release blockages, which were making me feel the way I was. She came up with various ideas and suggestions, which helped me face my fears and apprehension connecting with my own self-worth and self-esteem. 
After the treatment I felt more confident about attending the course. When the day arrived I must be honest I felt a little nervous but excited. I sailed through the course, I even answered many questions throughout the day. I realised I actually had a lot more knowledge than I thought I did. The Emotrance had helped me a lot and I found it most beneficial. I would have the treatment again if I got stuck. Heather was very professional and had a lot of patience I would like to take this opportunity to thank her. 
S. Chaudrhi 

 EFT Clients 

You really have helped me move on. 
You have taught me a technique to self heal myself, the doing, the feeling and the safety net, its always there. I hear your voice, you touched my life in such a positive way, you really have helped me move on. So glad I have met you, one lovely lady. Thank you from the heart. 
Trina x 
For the first time I thought of the future 
I cannot thank you enough for the help you gave me yesterday. For the first time this morning I actually woke up and thought of the future instead of the past. I haven't done that for too many years. I know I have a way to go and I will keep you in mind if I need help again. Thanks again. 
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