Bringing Light and Balance To Your Life 



Reiki is a gentle hands-on healing technique that re-energizes the body and mind and leaves you feeling relaxed and at peace. Reiki is wonderful to receive. During a treatment you become very relaxed and this is a key part of healing. Your body can’t heal itself while you are tense due to the stress in your life. 
By relaxing, your body has time to do what it is meant to do – heal itself. As well as feeling relaxed during a treatment, you may also experience great joy or feelings of oneness with the universe, relive childhood memories or suddenly receive guidance or clarity about a situation in your life. You may also ‘see’ things like colours. Some people don’t feel or see anything but this doesn’t mean that the Reiki isn’t working. You don’t have to believe in Reiki in order for it to work. During a treatment you relax fully clothed on a healing bed. 
REIKI Session £35 

Reiki Drum 

With Reiki Drum, I combine the sound therapy of the Drum with Reiki. During a treatment you will lie on a bed or sit in a chair as usual. The session begins with drumming around and over the body. When I feel it is time, I will go on to give Reiki in the usual way. 
Reiki Drum Mental / Emotional Reprogramming: Still using the Drum and Reiki, we use affirmations to change habits and beliefs in a positive way. 
Reiki Drum Journey: If you want to find answers or need guidance, why look any further than your unconscious mind and your spirit? Drumming takes you into a Journey to find just what you need. You get what you need. 
Studies show that drumming is helpful when treating stress, tension, fatigue, anxiety, sleep and emotional disorders. Research has found that drumming serves as a distraction from pain and grief, as it promotes the production of endorphins in the body. It has also been shown to focus attention and improve overall wellbeing. Other studies have shown positive effects on Alzheimers and dementia patients. 
REIKI DRUM Session £35 


EFT: (Emotional Freedom Techniques) has its origins in ancient Chinese meridian energy medicine. It works on the body’s energy meridians using only gentle tapping with statements – it’s like acupuncture without the needles. 
If fears, phobias, addictions or other issues are haunting you, EFT may be able to free you from these forever. EFT can be used for any problem, emotional, physical or spiritual, even bereavement. It consists of gentle tapping on meridians with statements to focus on the problem. Once you’ve used EFT you’ll be able to use it on your own anytime. 
EFT Session £35 

Atlantean Healing 

Atlantean Healing is a gentle but powerful form of energy healing. It comes from the lost world of Atlantis, at a time when everyone could see and feel energy and there was peace and wellbeing in all people. 
This is a 'hands off' therapy where the healing takes place entirely in your energy field, your Aura and your Chakras. With the help of the Violet Flame, it is even possible to remove the effects of past lives from your aura and this has a positive effect on your present life experience. 
Atlantean Healing Session £35 

Angelic Reiki 

This new form of Reiki was passed to Kevin Core from Archangel Metatron from October 2002 to February 2003. The healer is simply a channel, allowing the energy of the Angelic Kingdom to be passed to the client.  
This simple yet powerful form of healing can be given while the client sits in a chair or lies on a couch. Angelic Reiki can address issues which are the core of your being, but it is not necessary to have a problem that is in need of healing, you can simply receive this gentle energy for your overall wellbeing. 
A healing can take around 25 minutes with some talking before and afterwards.  
Angelic Reiki Session £35 

Distance Healing 

At a prearranged time, I focus on you and send healing energy to you. In order to do this I will need some details from you, so please contact me. 
30min session £20 

Channeled Written Message  

I connect with my spirit guides and channel a message for you. The message is always supportive and inspiring. £21 including p&p 

Energy Clearing 

I can clear unhelpful energies from your aura from a distance. I will need some details from you, so please get in touch. £25 for up to 3 clearings. 
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